Local Artist Spotlight: Wave 11

[Couron on guitar and Walker on the cajon]

[Couron on guitar and Walker on the cajon]

This is a tribute to the hidden gems and local legends of the Grand Valley. There are over 30 different well known local musicians on the western slope and we would like to make it our mission to share their stories. For our first week, we chose to highlight the up and coming reggae and R&B duo, Wave 11. The band consists of guitarist Zack Couron, and percussionist, Charles “Chuck Jay” Walker. Together they have engineered the sound of a Colorado good time.


What is the story behind Wave 11?

Walker: We met working at Applebee’s just serving tables. I think I was talking about music to somebody and he [Couron] overheard me, and he was like “You play music? We should jam sometime!” And I was like, “Alright I’m down!” We started talking about how I had played music in college and he [Couron] had been playing guitar for two or three years or so. So, one day I went over and the dude shreds the guitar, like just shreds. That’s how Wave 11 started, just jamming out.


Where does the name come from?

Couron: We originally came up with the name “Two Worlds”. We got it all together and we were all stoked. We even told Rick, the guy at Mesa Theater, and he printed it up for us. Then I Youtubed “Two Worlds” and it was literally already a band. It’s literally one white dude and one black dude and the white dude plays guitar, so it was exactly the same. So we’re just sitting around our little dojo thinking of names, not sure what to do. He [Walker] was scrolling through his phone looking at stuff and we’re both Aquarius and I think he came up with “Dawn of Aquarius”. But the Aquarius is the eleventh sign and we have this huge wave tapestry where we practice and the Aquarius symbol is the waves so we just said “Wave 11” and thought it sounded kinda cool.


Give me the timeline. When did you meet?

Walker: February 16th.

Couron: The first time we ever jammed out was February 16th last year. Our first show was June of last year.


Tell me about your first show.

Couron: Well we performed at Applebee’s every Wednesday night for three or four months. We did an open mic together at Mesa Theater and our manager at Applebee’s saw a video that our co-workers took of us. She was like, “You guys should play here, that was awesome what I just saw...” and we were like “okay”.

Walker: At first we weren’t sure. Like Applebee’s can we play in here?

Couron: So we went, set up, and started doing all sorts of different covers. We had a tip jar and we told people to put in a song for us to learn for next week. We did covers of the BG’s and Kendrick Lamar. We were all over the place.


I listened to your original, “Two Worlds” on SoundCloud. Do you have anything else in the works?

Couron: We are about halfway through our next song, but we have about 9 or ten more originals we’ve been working on.


What is the vision for Wave 11?

Walker: Tour bus. My face on the side of the tour bus, his face on the other side.

Couron: I feel like we’ve progressed. We just have to keep moving.

Walker: We'll get it going in Colorado first and then let it take off from there.


You can catch Wave 11 at the upcoming Colorado Riverfest! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates on their whereabouts and stay tuned for more music coming soon!


To check out their unique sound, click below!