Phones Down Stubs Up


Social media is awesome. Seriously, you can get lost for hours in entertaining videos, the hottest memes, or getting updated on the latest trends! However, the ability to disconnect and enjoy the present can sometimes be difficult.

Sometimes the healthiest thing to do in order to enjoy the present is to actually turn off your phone. Think about it. When’s the last time you actually turned off your phone? Sounds crazy right? We think, "What if someone texts me? What if someone sends me a funny Snapchat? How will I know what the rest of the world is doing?!"

Chances are, at the end of the day you just hook your phone up to the charger to get some more juice. You never actually turn the damn thing off.

Can you imagine being at an event and turning your phone off? No chance! What if something awesome happens and you need to pull out your phone to capture the action? How will others know you’re actually having a good time? You have to show off!

That’s what we’re doing when we’re posting to social media while being at an event. We’re showing off how awesome something is that we attended and you should be jealous!

To enjoy an event to its fullest, we’re challenging our event goers to turn off their cell phones for a bit. Enjoy the event for what it is. Take it in and be present. Instead of hoisting up your phone to record your version of the event in a lesser quality, put your phone down. Throw your ticket stubs up instead. Be proud of what you purchased and that you get to enjoy it with whoever is around you.

Okay, asking you to turn off your phone the whole event is absurd, but we challenge you to block out some time where you really do set it aside by turning it off for even thirty minutes to an hour.  Be present this summer and for all your future events. Post about the event as much as you want after! 

So this summer we challenge you to put your phones down and your ticket stubs up!



Zach Bullett