JUCO Adopts New and Improved Logo

Change and tradition can be seen as two very conflicting words. However, sometimes they go together like peanut butter and jelly, or in this case, baseball and America.

JUCO Logo with NJCAA Colorado Flag.png

This year the JUCO World Series is changing its logo in order to honor the long-standing tradition of the tournament being played in Colorado. The ā€œCā€ now reflects our patriotism towards our great flag, and honor we have for our beloved state. The Colorado state flag is an image we Coloradans wear and wave proudly because of our strong connection with what it embodies.

For those unaware, the colors of the flag all symbolize the beautiful nature that we live in. The red is for the rich red soil, while the blue represents the gorgeous wide open skies. The gold is for the vast amount of sunshine we receive daily, and lastly, the white is for the snow on the gorgeous peaks of the mountains.

Therefore, the change in logo is simply to express our gratitude to the tradition of JUCO being played in the city of Grand Junction, Colorado. The change is to proudly express our love for our great state where baseball comes once a year and pulls the community together.

Zach BullettJUCO